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Perpetual Transition

Perpetual Transition is a support and social group for transgender people in the Memphis metropolitan area that has been meeting since 2005. The group has recently expanded to address the growing needs of our community and meets every Monday night from 7:00 - 9:00 pm at Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center. Perpetual Transition is safe and confidential, and is open to transgender people of any variety.

For more information about the group, email PT@mglcc.org.

MGLCC Board Statement

MGLCC supports the work of Perpetual Transition and actively works with the group to address transgender issues and concerns. The Board of Directors of Memphis Gay & Lesbian Community Center believes in and supports our Mission which states:

"Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center is a mechanism for change in the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people to facilitate long-term positive growth in themselves and in the community of the Mid-South."

We fully include all members of our community. We are committed to nurturing a relationship of cooperation and striving towards the full institutional inclusion of transgender members at MGLCC. In an effort to better serve our members, we will offer trans-inclusive and trans-specific programming, actively recruit transgender people for leadership roles in MGLCC endeavors, and seek out input from the transgender community and be open and receptive to the feedback received. We support transgender-led initiatives and include among our goals those considered priorities for the transgender community. We acknowledge the diversity among transgender people as well as understand the similarities and differences with the cissexual LGB community.

We recognize that Cissexism is and has been present historically in the larger cissexual LGB movement. We actively and specifically work to include transgender people and concerns in all of our endeavors at MGLCC.

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